Welcome to the sports hall of the future!

Arcadahallen is a unique exercise facility: a modern sports hall with top amenities that has been built on top of five stories of student apartments!

The new Arcadahallen features a modern gym, a state-of-the-art test laboratory and a sports hall for ball games and gymnastics. The gym is equipped with advanced training equipment that support the current exercise methods. In the test laboratory, customers can take part in fitness tests, such as oxygen uptake tests, body composition measurements and various musculoskeletal tests. When the sports hall itself was being built, the focus was on supporting the exercise needed for improving the capabilities of certain sports.

The sports hall and the gym provide high-quality and suitable premises for health and wellbeing fields’ students at Arcada, especially the future sports instructors and physical therapists. The test laboratory supports the teaching and research of sports, mobility and exercise.

At the same time, Arcadahallen also serves the nearby areas, as the premises are rented out to other operators. The hall welcomes all, both the future top athletes in the capital city area and the everyday exercisers who work out just to stay fit. The test laboratory has been designed to serve a wide range of customer groups and enable affordable fitness testing.



The gym

Train in a gym with a view over the entire Arabianranta! The Arcadahallen’s gym is located on the seventh floor and it has been designed for the purposes of both professional athletes and regular fitness fans.

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Ball court / Gymnastics hall

The sports hall is equal to a full-sized basketball court, and this light and airy space is perfect for ball games, gymnastics and group exercise classes

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Athletic and fitness testning

The test selection includes endurance testing on a treadmill or with a bicycle ergometer, muscular fitness tests, body composition measurements and explosive strength tests.

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