Athletic and fitness testning

Arcada has a modern and high-quality fitness testing station near the centre of Helsinki. There is a wide range of tests available, and the individual tests can be customised to the customer’s needs. The tests are performed under experts’ supervision.


The test selection includes endurance testing on a treadmill or with a bicycle ergometer, muscular fitness tests, body composition measurements and explosive strength tests.

The customer will receive personal, detailed feedback for each test, including the reference values.

Endurance tests

An endurance test can be made either with a bicycle ergometer or on a treadmill.

Direct oxygen uptake test:

  • Breath-by-breath measuring of breathing gas and ventilation
  • Blood lactate measurement
  • Heart rate measurement

The test can be carried out as maximal (until exhaustion) or submaximal (ended slightly before exhaustion sets in)

Increasing speed or elevation

 The oxygen intake test will give you your:

  • VO2max
  • Training range
  • Aerobic and anaerobic thresholds
  • Rate of lactate removal

Other tests

  • Muscular fitness tests
  • Tests that measure muscle endurance: arms, legs and core.
  • Explosive strength tests
  • Tests on a force platform, e.g. countermovement jump and static jump.
  • Anthropometry
  • Body composition measurement (InBody 720, skin fold thickness measurement)
  • The test package will be customised to the athlete’s needs. For more information, please contact the staff.


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